Wednesday, 11 May 2011


... Again not really anything to do with handmade loveliness but hey I thought I'd share it with you any way :)

We spent Easter weekend up in Edinburgh. I love it up there, we try and go once a year, it's one of my favourite places.

Still feeling shattered from The Full Monty we knew we didn't want to do too much. A little bit of sight seeing a few drinks, maybe a hint of shopping and some yummy meals. A chilled weekend was what we needed.

The weather in April was amazing so we left on the Saturday morning dressed for summer, flip flops, sunnies the lot. Erm big mistake!! As soon as we hit the border of Scotland the dark clouds rolled in and the heavens opened. We arrived in Edinburgh around lunch time and it was bloody freezing. Using the car as a changing room (we couldn't check in to the hotel until 3pm) we layered up and swapped the flip flops for boots and went and found somewhere for lunch.

That night we ate at Mother India. Now I never used to like Indian food and it's one thing I'm not very experiemental with, but this place is amazing. Indian food but tapas style. They recommend you order 3 to 4 dishes between 2 people. The small portions are perfect for someone like me who wants to try something new without being over faced. If you are ever in Edinburgh I'd 100% recommend it, but be sure to book we went at 6.30pm and it was really busy.

Drinks in Whistle Binkies anyone?

Luckily the Sunday saw better weather, beautiful sunshine. The park running parallel to Princes Street was packed with people catching the rays! We spent the morning chilling out. We took a stroll through the park, did a little bit of shopping then went for lunch at the Elephant Cafe, the birth place of Harry Potter.

Our friends work at the Castle so we went for a stroll round there as well as doing the Whisky Experience. The other half is a bit of a whisky fan so it had to be done really. They have the largest collection of whisky, hundreds of different bottles, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. It's worth a visit just to see that!

Whisky tasting...

Monday saw our last day in the city. We must go for longer next time. Any way a trip to Edinburgh is not complete (for me the chocoholic) with out a trip to Chocolate Soup, and with it being Easter weekend it just had to happen.
 It's the most delicious hot chocolate made with melted shots of chocolate yummy :) I had a double chocolate supreme and although I did feel a little sick afterwards it was worth it. Lots of chocolate, lots of cream topped with mint aero...

Warning, if you are on a diet DON'T go near this place!!

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