Friday, 18 March 2011

'Craft Club' name ideas...

... As some of you know I'm going to be starting a 'Craft Club' at Handmade By...

The thing is I don't just want to call it a 'Craft Club', but I'm RUBBISH at making decisions and coming up with new names.

...Here's a short list for you to vote from
(Thank you to everyone who suggested names, I shortlisted ones that were a more general theme rather than based on specific crafts)

1. Stitch n Bitch
2. Kitsch n Stitch
3. Cloud Crafts
4. The Hobby House
5. Thread Bare
6. Crafty Sew & Sews
7. Chatty Crafters
8. Hands on
9. Craft Cafe
10. Congleton Creators
11. Create Congleton

What do you think?
You can either leave a comment here or over on my facebook page.


  1. I would like to vote for Create Congleton - not just because I came up with it - but I think it sounds really cool!

  2. I like Craft Cafe (is there tea and cake too?). You aren't far from me - at the other side of Cheshire!

    cherry tree

  3. There will be tea and cake too yup!